LBM is a Lifestyle and Entertainment Company. LBM is primarily focusing on Fashion and Entertainment Business as a promotional arm for a fashion business. The Entertainment business ranges from events production and promoting, TV shows production, artist management, music publishing, touring and concert production.

The main objective of LBM is to offer the best products at an affordable price to all our customers and at the same time striving to develop a business that is suitable. We are a responsible company and that guides all our business principles.

LBM will meet the challenging goals by engaging talent and passion of young people who believe there is always a better way. Being influential, Innovative and Progressive, LBM is reinventing a whole approach to Africa’s lifestyle and Entertainment.

Mission statement

“Enriching people’s lives through providing them with Lifestyle and Entertainment that is integrated with Modernized Africanism while embracing the technological change”

Vision statement

“Taking Africa to the World”


In 2015, while attending their form six studies, Karlson and Fredrick began working on the idea of LBM; at that time LBM was the short form of Little Boy Magnetic. They were dedicated to offer fashionable male clothes at affordable prices under the umbrella of LBM Brand.

On fourth of January, 2016 LBM operations were officially launched. They started with printing t-shirts with the LBM logo intending to communicate the brand to the customers. The artwork of LBM and its meaning are so impressive getting people dying to have them.

In the ending of 2017, Fredrick advanced the long form of LBM to Little But Magnetic adding the women clothing line.

In March 10, 2018 LBM Entertainment was launched as a promotional arm for a fashion business and in May 2018, LBM was renovated to becoming a Lifestyle and Entertainment Company with the flagship of LBM Brand. By 26th July, 2018 LBM was incorporated under the companies Act, 2002 and that the company is Limited.

Under its entertainment division “LBM Entertainment” BONSI VIBE FESTIVAL was launched in the middle of July, 2019. BONSI VIBE is an annual music festival featuring only Bongo Flavor and Singeli music with performance of musicians from such genres.Being created to uphold the Tanzanian Culture, LBM is determined to make BONSI VIBE World’s biggest festival with only Tanzanian content executed worldwide.